Easter Holidays

Date: 28th Mar 2017 @ 4:56pm

The Easter Holidays are here! What have you been doing?

Share your holiday adventures with us.

Ms Ashworth will be playing golf, sorting out the garden and tidying the house!


Isobel N wrote:

In Easter we will be having a Easter egg hunt.

Ruby F wrote:

we might be going to the circus.& we are going to see grandma & nanny

Seth H wrote:

During the Easter holidays I went to Haigh Hall. I played with my sister and I enjoyed it. I had a chocolate chip ice cream and I really, really liked it!!!
I also went to Anderton Boating Club. I built my own fire, went canoeing, played some games in the castle and went on the speed boat going full speed!!!!!!!
On Easter Sunday I went on a toy hunt at my nans. I got a nerf gun and lots of candy.

Heidi B wrote:

I have had a great time over the Easter break! I have done lots of fun things, we even had an Easter egg hunt at Anna's house with Biscuit the cat! We went to the park on our bikes, watched Beauty and the Beast at the cinema and we went to swimming, even my Mummy and my Daddy got in the pool with me and my best sister Holly. On Easter Sunday morning when I got up the Easter Bunny got us lots and lots of eggs as well as some new Beanie Boos! I had a lovely Easter Sunday. I had a really nice rest while I was off, but now I am definitely looking forward to going back to school seeing my friends again and there might be some new people coming to school, we might be friends!!

Isobel N wrote:

I have been to my caravan to Yorkshire.

Zach H wrote:

In the holidays I got a caravan, I went to Yorkshire, I had a sleepover in the caravan, I went trampolining, I went to the cinema, I played out # A LOT and I had lots of Easter eggs!

Ellie P wrote:

It was amazing at the caravan

Emily R wrote:

It was Easter me and my cousin were having an Easter egg hunt at our Grandmas. Our Mums had an Easter egg hunt after tea.

Hollie L wrote:

I went to Brixham and had lots

George W wrote:

I went to the caravan I had a easter egg hunt.

Martha A wrote:

on holiday I went to manchester

Alex C wrote:

In the Easter holidays we went Go-karting in North Wales with both my brothers and Mum and Dad and Grandma. We stayed for 4 days in a cottage near the beach in Anglesey. We went climbing rocks on the beach. On the 1st day it was sunny when we set off, when we got to Wales it was cold.

Lois C wrote:

I went to Fuerteventura in the school holidays .
we went in the pool and I can swim in the deep end and the pool is warm .
we had a fun time in the pool .

Aiden R wrote:

In the Easter holidays I found a lot of eggs hidden inside our house because the grass was too long in the garden. My Nanna also hid eggs in her house because it was raining outside. Mummy and nanna baught baskets for us to collect eggs in.

Jessica B wrote:

I went camping with Mum and Dad in the Easter holidays to Abbey Farm in Ormskirk. I met some new friends and we played in the park and game room. My Grandma and Grandad came to visit us in our tent. We had a BBQ and I had a burger with cheese on it. My cousin visited as well.

Oscar R wrote:

I got a dantdm book and I played roblox on my ipad.

Archie M wrote:

on holaday I went to spec hall

Alfie T wrote:

I went to the circus with Jimmy and Shirley in the Easter holidays. I liked the swing act the best because the boy was blind folded and someone had to catch him. I had my face painted as The Hulk. We had hotdogs and a fruit shoot. It was the best day ever. I had a bag with a Easter egg and some sweets and chocolates.

Hollie L wrote:

I went to Brixham and had lots of fun. after my holiday it was Easter.

Alex W wrote:

On my holiday I met a Boy called Billy. We had an Easter egg hunt. I found #A lot of eggs about 20!!!! We went to the shop and a got an army set then we went to the Beach and the Arcade. I played a a game called PVZ and we went to 🍔👑 and I got a Burger and then we went Home to our caravan.

Zac B wrote:

I went to toys rus

Oscar R wrote:

I went to see my grandma in woking. I went on an easter egg hunt at quarry bank mill. We had an easter egg hunt at home as well.

Isobel N wrote:

I went to the cinema to watch boss baby it was great!! I went with my friend Billy.
When I went to my caravan in Yorkshire I met a friend called Riley.
Me and my brother George did 2 Easter egg hunts and got loads of Easter eggs.

Isobel N wrote:

PMe and my cousin Noah went to Dunham Massey and we saw loads of deer and we had an Easter egg hunt and at the end we got some chocolate!! I saw Heidi,Matha,Anna and Holly Heidi's sister!at the Masson's!Me and Harry went to Knowsley safari park!A BABOON JUMPED ON THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!
We were very scared! We had a sleepover at my nanny's.me and my family went to our caravan to Yorkshire and it was brilliant!we went for four days and we went to skipton l got two puppies and one was black and one ginger