School Council Blog

Date: 1st Oct 2015 @ 12:57pm

This is where you can have your say and tell the school council your ideas.We will keep it updated and reply to any suggestions that you make


Mr Smith wrote:

Well done to the school Council members who have been elected by their respective classmates. I know they will do a fantastic job in representing the views of all the children in our school.

lucas ashall wrote:

Well done daisy and mackenzie

Lucy clitheroe wrote:

great job mackenzie and daisy

Mr Montrose wrote:

The school council have discussed several charities that we could support and have decided that this year we are going to support kits 4 Africa. Details to follow.

Rebecca pearce wrote:

Congratulations daisy and Mackenzie

Jessie Foster wrote:

The school council are doing a great job so far keep it up!

Mr Montrose wrote:

The Year 5 and 6 councillors will be meeting representatives of the Basic Skills Award in the next couple of weeks.

Jessie Foster☺ wrote:

When is it that the school councillors do that mr montrose?

Jessie Foster wrote:

My idea is bike racks or a bike shed as the teachers encourage us to cycle or walk to school but there are no bike racks. I don't know if the school will have enough money for this though.

Jessie Foster wrote:

Also Mr.Montrose please can you consider the idea of a school council newsletter in our next school council meeting like the eco council had and ella bluck used to do it every month?

Mr Smith wrote:

I really like the idea of a school council newsletter. The bike rack idea is also good and it might encourage children to cycle in to school. Unfortunately, because of the traffic congestion on Carr Mill Road I would be a little concerned about keeping everyone safe.