3 Little Pigs!

We are starting to look at tradional tales and will use the 3 little pigs to introduce our science topics

Week 1 - Introduction to Materials.

Discuss what a material is and the different types we can see around us. Go on a walk around school and note all the different materials we can see. 

Week 2 - The house made of straw.

Discuss why this material was not suitable and why it fell down. Show the chn some straw and discuss its properties focusing on the terms ‘bendy’ and ‘rigid’. 

Week 3 - The house made of sticks.

Discuss why this material was not suitable and why it fell down. Show the children a stick and discuss what it is made out of. Encourage them to think about what happens when we burn it. Show the children a match and observe how the wood burns. Introduce the term irreversible change. 

Week 4 - The house made of bricks.

Discuss why many homes are made of bricks and why this house stayed strong. Also discuss how the bricks are held together. Look for structures in the environment that are made from concrete or other hard materials. 

Week 5 - look at different houses from around the world made from different materials, discuss the similarities and differences between them

Week 6 Chn to design and construct a model out of  reclaimed materials.

Year One will cover: 

Week 1 Find out the meaning of ‘material’ used in scientific sense. Look at classroom objects & discuss what they are made of. Show a set of materials that are not recognisable objects & identify what they are made of. Explain where some materials originate

Week 2 Understand that the words used to describe the materials that objects are made from are called ‘properties’. Differentiate between scientific & non-scientific words, e.g. wooden, bendy, hard, etc. compared to small or expensive. Identify some properties.

Week 3 Identify objects that are made from materials that are man-made & others which are made from naturally occurring materials. Point out that many different objects can be made from the same material. 

Week 4 Use story of the 3 Little Pigs to stimulate discussion about the materials used to construct buildings. Think about the properties of the various materials. List the different types of houses we live in, e.g. flat, cottage. 

Week 5 Look at buildings made from different materials – discuss the properties of the materials used. What building materials have been used for the school building? Chn explore & list them. What about building materials elsewhere in the world/ in the past?

Week 6 Children carry out simple tests to answer questions like: What is the best material for an umbrella, lining a dog basket, curtains, bookshelf, gymnast’s leotard, etc.? They report on their findings & discuss how they could make their investigation better.

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