Breakfast and Buzz Club


Out of School Childcare

We offer a Breakfast club and After School club at Chapel End.The children are provided with breakfast in the morning and a snack after school. There are lots of activities for the children to get involved in including art and creative fun, board games and computer games. Please note that the number of places available for nursery-age children is limited to 8 and these are booked in advance in half termly blocks. If you require an ad hoc session for your nursery age child it may be possible if fewer than 8 places have been taken up. Please enquire at the school office as the need arises.

Early Bird Breakfast Club

The club is open from 7.30am until 8.50am.  The current charges are £4.00 per session. 

After School Club — The ‘Buzz’ Club

Parents/Carers may choose to use this facility for their children between the hours of 3.30pm and 5.30pm (3pm-5.30pm for nursery children on a 30hr placement).  Details of registration are available from the school.  The current charges are £6.00 per session (or £7.50 for Nursery children on a 30hr placement), payable weekly in advance.  The club does not operate during school closures and holiday periods.

 Terms and conditions

The Out of School clubs that we provide are run independently of our school budget and, as such, operate in the same way as private enterprises.

In order to ensure that we can plan staffing rosters and meet with statutory adult/child ratios, we must insist that bookings for the week ahead and payment for both clubs are handed in on a Monday morning. The maximum capacity of the clubs is 30 children and we are unable to exceed this number due to Health & Safety constraints. As we work on a ‘First –Come-First–Served’ basis, any ad-hoc requests made, either in person or by telephone, after that time, may not be accepted but, if they are , payment must be given to the staff when the child is picked up at the end of the session.

Non-payment of fees will mean that further attendance at After School Club/Breakfast Club will not be possible until the debt is cleared. Office staff and Clubs’ staff have been informed that there must be no exceptions to these arrangements so please appreciate that they cannot enter into negotiation around personal circumstances. 

Parents who arrive after 5.30pm to pick up from After School Club will be reminded of the need to be punctual.  If this occurs a second time school will issue a warning letter informing them that a further late pick up  will trigger a late pick up fee of £10.00. Should this occur, further use of the facility will not be allowed until payment is received.

To get a flavour of life in the clubs  click on this  link!