Every Friday we have new Homework

You will find the Maths and spellings homework for the current week here

Homework for week begining 29/10/18

Maths Homework talked
Learn 10 x tables with missing numbers.



Mathletics Homework is very important. Homework is set brushed
weekly and is checked every Friday in class. laughed
If you are having problems with Mathletics on any device rocked
please check firstly you have downloaded flash player or kissed
similar onto your device. Many pupils are doing Mathletics on helped
laptops, ipads and iphones or similar and NOT  
experiencing any problems.  
Bring recorder on Monday  

Talk Homework

Our Talk Homework is very important.

Talk Homework

This is Talk Homework only, for week beginning

Monday 29th October.

In my Magic Box

Talk about things which you would find or put in a magic box. Remember to choose interesting adjectives to describe these special, magical and amazing items.

Will it be a small, shiny coin,

 a delicate, silver ring,

or even a spectacular, gleaming necklace.

‘In my Magic Box’











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