Children take part in maths activities on a daily basis where they learn new skills such as counting, recognising numerals, sorting objects and recognising shapes. We have a maths investigation area indoors and out so that children can practise the concepts they have learned.


We use Mathletics to help children use and apply the skills they learn in school.  You will find the login details inside your child's reading record book.  There are lots of activities you can play on Mathletics.  TOP TIP!  try "Live Mathletics" for some fast points (and lots of practise using number!) to get yourself a certificate to show in "Celebration assembly".   You can access Mathletics on your smartphone and tablets too! Find out more about how to download the app by clicking here.  

Year One 

Each Friday the Year One children bring home a number story to learn at home.  You should help them to learn these so that they are able to answer missing number questions about them, e.g.  1 +    = 3.  The children will complete missing number sheets every day in school and have a number bond quiz each Thursday in their red test books.  They will bring these home so that you can sign to say you have seen their results.  We will ask you to keep practising if they are struggling with it.  They are expected to know all of the number stories to 20 by the end of Year One.  We will be holding a number bond workshop in school to give you some ideas about how you can help your child to do this.