Our Unsung Heroes

Welcome to our Unsung Heroes Page

This page is all about the special people in school who work really hard, often behind the scenes, to ensure that: our school runs smoothly; is safe and secure and all the children are looked after in the best way possible.

Meet Mr Oakes

Mr Oakes is our Caretaker and he looks after the school building and grounds making sure it looks its best and more importantly is safe for everyone who comes on site. Thanks Mr Oakes! 

Meet Mrs Linge and Mrs Murphy

Mrs Linge and Mrs Murphy are our lovely cleaners. They make sure everywhere is clean and tidy around school so the children have a lovely place in which to learn. Thanks Mrs Linge and Mrs Murphy!


Meet Miss Hannah


Miss Hannah is our school cook. She prepares all the lovely food for the children's lunches. She makes sure that even when the children don't like something they always get something they can enjoy instead. She also works with children; teaching them baking skills and  talking to them about food hygiene. The Eco council recently harvested apples from our orchard and Mrs Hannah helped them bake a delicious apple sponge cake.

Thanks Miss Hannah!

Meet Miss Pitt, Miss Gearing (Mrs Hannah-again) and Mrs Dixon 

The ladies help Mrs Hannah in our kitchen prepare the food, serve the children and make sure everywhere is clean and tidy when lunchtime is over. Thanks Miss Pitt, Miss Gearing and Mrs Dixon. 

Meet Mrs Marsh


Mrs Marsh is our Office Manager. She looks after everything in school and tells Mr Smith what he should be doing and how to do it. She knows everything there is to know about Chapel End from what the dates are for the school Christmas productions to how many pens are in the Year 6 stationery cupboard.She makes sure everything runs smoothly in school and keeps everyone happy.Thanks Mrs Marsh!


Meet Mrs Pennington


Mrs Pennington works in our school office doing lots of jobs to help Mrs Marsh. One of her really important jobs is checking that all the children are in school or, if they are not for any reason, checking that they are safe and sound at home (she also makes Mr Smith a cup of tea from time to time). Thanks Mrs Pennington.

Meet Miss Tabern

Miss Tabern  helps our children and their carers stay safe by helping them  cross the road safely when they are coming to school and going home at the end of the day.

Thanks Miss Tabern. 


Meet our Midday Supervisors

Our team of midday supervisors make sure that everyone gets into the dinner hall on time to eat their lunch and they keep the children safe and happy whilst they are on the playground.Thanks Mr Oakes, Mrs Bone,Miss Tabern, Mrs Corlett, Mrs Forshaw, Miss Taylor, Mrs Holt, Mrs Chorley and Mrs Anderson.