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Members of the School Council are pictured below using the new ‘Trim-Trail’ that was installed during the half-term break. The School Council responded to requests from their KS2 peers asking for some climbing facilities on their playground. They investigated suppliers and explored costs before making recommendations to the School Leadership Team-Result!


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 Over the next few weeks the elected members of the school council( listed below) will be working hard to populate their page. Also listed below are the elected members of  the Eco Council. To visit their page click on this link:

Playground Markings

Last year, the School Council decided that the KS1 playground was looking a little shabby.As aresult, the PTFA were approached and asked if they could help. Hey Presto- three months later we have lovely new playground markings which brighten up the place as well as providing some great opportunities for playing games together.Another great result for you and your school council.

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In a recent School Council meeting, it was suggested that we introduce a 'Posh Nosh' table in the dinner hall so that our' Pupil of the Week' winners could be rewarded by having dinner with invited guests, teachers and Governors. Two weeks later and guess what?



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If you would like to know more about children's rights , click on this link http://cachepilot/espresso/modules/news/assemblies/rights_ks1_slides.html



School Council

Eco Council


School Council

Eco Council



  Lois Churchill


Heidi Blanchfield



Emily Haley

Chloe Torpey



   Monty Aspinall


JAmes Cannon



Holly Fisher



Jason Mercier



Nathan Gardner

Noah Heaton



Keira Goldthorpe


Grace Blackburn

Luke Snelson



Reuben Aspinall

Harry Lomas

Jacob Knowles







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