School Parliament


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Our New School Parliament- To be updated following 2022-2023 elections

The children of Chapel End have always been passionate about improving our school and our local environment. Previous School and Eco Councils have always worked closely together to enhance our provision, so this year it was decided to amalgamate the two councils to form a School Parliament.  

In recent weeks children from Y2 to Y6 have taken part in our School Parliament elections.  Campaign speeches were all of a high standard and there were some fabulous ideas for making our school and our environment an even better place. 

Well done and thank you to all of those children who took part and huge congratulations to the following children who were elected. 

                    Year 2   Max           Harmony 

                    Year 3   Ayva          Esme 

                    Year 4   Leah          Megan 

                    Year 5   Alexa         Poppy 

                    Year 6  Thomas      Ryan 



Autumn Term 2021- 2022

The School Parliament have been tasked in creating a 'safe space' for children in crisis within school. 


Step one was to halve the size of the library and improve its organisation. 



Step 2 was to use the other half of the old library as a safe space. Our Parliament have been involved in purchasing resources and organising the space. 










Step 3 is naming the space: 


Spring Term 2021-2022

School Parliament have been tasked with renaming the house teams.