What book are you reading at the moment?

Date: 23rd Oct 2015 @ 9:57am

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            Hi year 4! :-) 

What book are you all currently reading?

I am reading a book by Elizabeth Noble called Letters to My Daughter. It is quite emotional, but I just can't put it down!

Miss Tandy.

Mrs Grimshaw wrote:

Hi Miss T
I've read the book you're talking about and I agree it was very emotional but very good. I'm reading a book called What my Best Friend Did but it doesn't seem to have much of a plot, its all very far fetched and hard to imagine. Have you finished your book now?? Mrs G x

Miss Tandy wrote:

Ooooh that sound like a good book!
I have finished that book, and I'm now reading Mr. Gum Your A Bad Man by Andy Stanton, with my nephew. It is hilarious! I am loving it! x

Sophie Sheil wrote:

I'm reading a book by Roald Dahl, it is called Danny the champion of the world.
Roald Dahl is my favourite author. I really love it, it's all about a little boy growing up.

Grace Blackburn wrote:

Hello miss Tandy ,at the moment I am reading the BFG by Roald Dahl, it is very good , but , I have already saw the movie but movies are different to the books.


kaitlyn donald wrote:

I am loving my book about birds and I am loving it

Benwhyte wrote:

I'm reading a book called the gosht 0f hollwean its so fun to read

Aimee Keogh wrote:

I am currently reading Roof Toppers by Katherine Rundell It's realy nice.By the way you are the BEST.

Aimee Keogh wrote:

I am currently reading Roof Toppers by Katherine Rundell It's realy nice.By the way you are the BEST.

roal dahl matilda wrote:

Miss Tandy

I have got up to page 1-12 but it is fonamal book I'am loving it so fare it is good.

Ben whyte wrote:

I'm reading a book called war horse and it is so amoshnle

Miss Tandy wrote:

I love this book Ben! You're right it is very emotional, I cried all the way through!

Melissa Verron wrote:

Hello Miss Tandy I am reading a book called School For Stars second Term at Le`Etoile and it is very good.

alistair noble wrote:

i am reading grandpas great escape and it is funny

Alfie Stott wrote:

I have just started reading Butter fly lion. It is good so far I am enjoying it.

Aimee Keogh wrote:

Alfie that's a great book

Alyssa Williams wrote:

Hi Miss Tandy,

I am currently reading a book by Roald Dahl called Matilda. Its quite funny because Matilda trolls Miss Trunchbull. Tell you more tomorrow.

P.S. have I spelt Trunchbull Right?

kaitlyn wote wrote:

Iam reading this rily cool book but Idont know what it is

Anna wrote:

I am reading ways to live for ever

benharris wrote:

that's a good book anna

roal dhal wrote:

i am realy loving this book

kaityn wrote:

hello all

Lilly wrote:

Hey it's lilly rose

benharris wrote:

im reading the dinasours paked lunch so far its so good

Junle w wrote:

Im currently reading beano 2006 up to page 24 this part were banana man loses his bananas.

Annie Lythgoe wrote:

Annie's favourite book is The Hungry Hen.A fox tries to eat a hen but the hen gets bigger and bigger and the fox grows thinner and thinner and so in the end the hen gobbles up the fox.Annie loves the look on the hens face once she has eaten the fox.

daisy churchill wrote:

Iam reading fantastic Mr Fox and I can't put it down

Lily rose t wrote:

I'm reading the witches

Lexie k wrote:

At the moment I'm reading the boy in the Dress

Lexie kavanagh wrote:

At the moment Miss T I'm reading the boy in the dress its a really good book and its funny too!

Miss Tandy wrote:

Sound hilarious Lexie :-)

I love funny books, especially books by author Andy Stanton.

keira goldthorpe wrote:

Im reading awful auntie by David Walliams xx

GraceBlackburn wrote:

I have just finished awful auntie written by David Walliams because it is funny and there is a big twist at the end