Our Curriculum


The National Curriculum 2014 is widely perceived as being the content of every school's provision. However the National Curriculum is just a small part of what we do in school each day. The education we provide for our children is based on: our school vision (what we want in terms of outcomes for every one of our children)...

In short, our vision is:

To see our children leave Chapel End Primary school as healthy, happy, rounded individuals who:

  • Have respect for the world and understand their responsibilities as a global citizen in ensuring it is conserved for future generations
  •  Are aware of their place in society and their responsibility to contribute positively to it.
  •  Are polite, well-mannered and helpful
  •  Have respect and tolerance for others, and their beliefs and cultures.
  •  possess the  skills and knowledge that they require to enable them to continue their learning and achieve their full potential.


...and a clearly defined aim:

To ensure that our children leave us as:

                            Confident individuals ; Successful Learners and Responsible Citizens

To see how we do this view the Powerpoint by clicking on the link 'Our Curriculum' below.

The other links provide an overview of what is taught in each year group.


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