What is your favourite book?

Date: 8th Mar 2016 @ 10:43am

My favourite book is Winnie the Witch.  I like it because Winnie has a big black house and can do magic!


What is your favourite book and why?

Seth Hamilton wrote:

My favourite book is The Book with no Pictures. I like it because it is funny and it makes me laugh.

Ellie Pendlebury wrote:

My favourite book is Sofia The First,

It is my favourite book because her mum married a King and Sofia became a Princess just like me, who went to the royal balls. Sofia wears some beautiful jewellery especially an Amulet necklace that glows.

Martha Louise Aspinall wrote:

My favourite book is Snow White.I like it because it has a push pull slide to show different pictures,and a handsome prince came to rescue her.

Anna Williamson wrote:

My favourite book is Stick Man, because in the end he says I'm stick man im stick man that's me, and I'm sticking right here in the family tree.

Oscar roby wrote:

My favourite is scaredy squirrel it is funny

Megan P wrote:

My favourite book is Penguin. I like it because first Ben rips open his present and at the end Penguin says everything :-)

Charlotte Wood wrote:

I enjoy the story 'Stick Man' because he goes on an adventure. Everyone he meets thinks that he is just a stick, but he has feelings.
On his adventure he comes across girls and boys who think that he would make a good stick for a dog, a fire and a mast for a flag. Even a swan thinks that he would be the right kind of stick for her nest!
Finally, Santa takes him back to the 'Stick Family Tree' where his Stick Lady Love and children are delighted that he has returned.

Zac Boylan-McCann wrote:

My favourite book is Harry Potter, because it is funny and they make me laugh what they do with the wands.

morgan marsh wrote:

My favorite book is awful antie by David Walliams because it's really funny and Wargna chases Stella. I liked it when they put ants in her pants and put marbles on her floor and other triks