What is your favourite toy?

Date: 26th Jan 2016 @ 8:29am

Our topic this term is TOYS!   What is your most favourite toy?  Let us know........

zach berry wrote:

my woody and buzz walkie talkies

Seth Hamilton wrote:

My spaceship lego.

Faith Ashworth wrote:

Lucy my toy dog that I sleep with x

Alex Watson wrote:

my tarantula spider and my pupee toy

Megan P wrote:

My favourite toy is my teddy Sally, my brother Jarrod gave her to me when I was just borned. I like my thunderbirds too :-)

morgan marsh wrote:

My favorite teddy is sally to

morgan marsh wrote:

My favorite toy is my barbie mansion because I play with my dolls in it and there are 7 rooms in it and it has a bed and furniture . I have fun playing with it but you wouldn'like to buy it from smths because it is too much money